IRec screen recorder (Updated Version)

If you are looking for a screen recorder to help you record a screen video on your iPhones , you must know about IRec app. IRec app is one of the first screen recorders released for Cydia. IRec name has been renamed as EveryCord.

If you have an apple device and you have updated your device to iOS 11 or 12,you need to download and install EveryCord instead of IRec because IRec app has been renamed since iOS 10. If you will download and install IRec (EveryCord) screen recorder then you will be able to record your screen easily. And everyone knows that screenshots and screen recordings are the most useful weapons nowadays. People who have iOS 10 then it’s okay to use IRec screen recorder.The main difference between IRec and EveryCord are actually, IRec recorder will work till iOS 10 but when you download upgraded version (EveryCord) then it will work on all iOS models. Well, you can run IRec on Android and macOs platforms too. And yes it is a no jailbreak app.

Features of IRec screen recorder are

1) Record screen video with full screen.
2) Edit your recorded video or capture SS.
3) Capture all online streaming videos and many more.

Download IRec screen recorder


  1. Download iOS.File
  2. Install the app on your iOS device
  3. Enjoy

Free download and install IRec screen recorder for iOS 10 and if you are using iOS 11 or iOS 12 then download EveryCord. And let me clear one thing IRec and EveryCord is the same app. Don’t get the idea that they are two separate apps.


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